Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hello Mister Orange

Last Friday was a busy mess. My last period of the day is usually the funniest and the most fun. They're a great bunch of students as a whole. However, this was not the case last Friday. Most of the students were hyper and talkative; I guess, they were ready for the weekend. In that class, there is one student, let's call him, Bobby, who is ADHD. He is supposed to take medicine daily to help him calm down. He didn't take it on Friday.

At first, he came in loud and rocking back and forth. Then, he wouldn't stop talking and walking around the classroom. All these behavior are not typical of medicated Bobby; he's usually calm and composed, quiet and on task. After a couple of redirections, I call him to the front of the room, so that he can be my partner for the rest of the class period. He sits down right next to me and is playing with his orange stress ball, squeezing it rapidly. Next thing I see, he is rolling on the floor. UNBELIEVABLE. Everyone is laughing. He finally gets back into his seat. He looks at me and asks, "Do you want an orange?" as he shows me his stress ball. I say, "No thank you- get back to work please." He then puts the orange stress ball to his ear and says to the ball, "Hello Mister Orange! How are you?"


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