Friday, April 8, 2011

No words.

The PE teacher was out today, so I volunteered to watch the kids with the PE assistant. Today, they were running the mile, so all I had to do was watch them run lap after lap. As the kids are lining up behind the line as if they were about to start a marathon, I noticed a 7th grade girl watching from the sideline; she was out for her recess. The whistle blows, and my students take off with the boys leading the pack. As they whiz by me, this GIRL runs into the STAMPEDE to talk to one of my boy students. By doing so, she viciously trips three boys. "WHAT IN WORLD WERE YOU THINKING?" I yell at this girl as my students are now rolling on the ground. "What? I was standing here; they ran into me," she replied back with an attitude. "You're joking, right? You ran into a mass crowd of boys...not the smartest thing to do." As she rolls her eyes at me, I tell her to leave and to watch both ways when she crosses the road...JUST IN CASE.
I have NEVER ever seen something so IDIOTIC in my entire life. Who in the world runs into a stampede of any kind? Let alone, 6th grade boys trying to impress every and anyone. I guess she's not the smartest of the bunch.

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