Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moses strikes again.

I'm beginning to think Moses knows I write a blog on Fridays, so he tried super hard Friday afternoon to be "memorable." Or, he's just a funny kid. Last Friday, my students are working in pairs, and all of a sudden I hear, "Shut up Chris! No one is talking to you." I know it's Moses--his voice is distinct, and he knows (they all know) that I don't allow "Shut Up" to be said in my classroom.

From across the room, I immediately say, "Moses, did you just say something you're not supposed to say?"
Moses replies, "Nope--it wasn't me."
"Are you lying to me, Moses?" I asked.
"Yes." Moses says confidently, and then he corrects himself, "I mean, No- I'm not lying."

But, it's too late, the class is erupting in laughter, and Moses is turning bright red (again). He's quiet until the class is getting ready to leave for the weekend. A couple of students decide to show me the Mother's Day card they had made in homeroom. I tell them they're are nice, but not as nice as the ones my homeroom made. I notice Moses' feelings were a bit hurt, so I tell him I didn't mean what I said.

Moses looks at me and says, "Yeah, uh huh- NOTTTT" as he walks out of class with a sheepish smile.

He's the type of student we all should have: clever, animated, and worth teaching. Here's to more Moses Moments!

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