Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, I don't think I've told you all that I coach the girls soccer team at my school. I thought it was be great because I grew up playing soccer; my life revolved around soccer. I wanted to give the girls similar experiences to what I had. But, then I learned the girls know NOTHING about soccer or the rules of the game. Then, I realized I had to scaffold soccer to the basics.

I Do: This is where you should kick the ball (show them)
We do: Let's kick the ball to our partners (do together)
You do: Kick the ball (on their own)

Imagine that for everything, and after a day of teaching, it drives me mad. It drives me mad because I assumed that 11-13 year olds knew the fundamentals of soccer (I know I should not assume- but it happened). It drives me mad because these 11-13 year olds who don't know the basics then give me attitude when I try to teach them the basics.

But, bless their hearts some of them do try.

Me: Move up Lisa! (Lisa runs up)
Me: Move back Lisa! (Lisa runs back)
This happens throughout the whole game. Afterwards, Lisa comes up to me and asks,
"Why did you keep telling me to move up and back? I was confused the whole time."
Pause. Deep breath.
" The ball kept moving up and back; the ball moves up the field and back down the field; therefore, you have to keep moving up and back."

Rachel: "The girl pushed me!"
Me: "It's a contact sport; push her back"
Rachel: "I don't want to touch her; she might have something!"

Me: "Why are you guys walking?"
Vanessa: "I don't like to run."
Me: "Well, you picked the wrong sport don't you think?!?!"

Love them.
(Most of the time)

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